Historically, our industry has had the reputation of being a “bad neighbor”. The good news is that this reputation is becoming the exception, rather than the rule. And Q4 MAG’s team has been working hard for over 40 years to help make this happen. As a result, when companies hire us to help with permitting strategy and community relations as they permit greenfield sites, expand their existing permits or address community issues, they know they can rely on us to make it happen in the most socially responsible way possible.

At the same time, our permitting and community relations experts understand mining and the economics that drive it well enough to know what community acceptance programs will work financially and what won’t. We have a lot of experience developing strategies to help the communities surrounding our operations understand this.  

So, if you are experiencing problems, anticipating problems, or simply wish to ensure no problems arise, give us a call to discuss strategy. Q4 MAG is poised to address any difficulty you may experience.

Community Relations

Q4’s President, Bronwyn Weaver, describes three necessary steps to take for stronger and more meaningful community relations in...

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