Construction Materials & Aggregates

Our Construction Materials and Aggregates clients include public and private companies ranging from small sand and gravel operators to large crushed stone and cement producers. Many of the management challenges we help to solve are common to all of these producers. Our team works with the owners and/or management teams within our client’s companies to provide a blueprint to thrive today and for many years to come.

  • Public & Private Companies

  • Sand & Gravel Producers

  • Crushed Stone Producers

  • Cement Producers

Oil & Gas

We assist our clients in the Oil and Gas sector with guidance relating to land issues, product sourcing, and well abandonment. Much of our work is assisting with the supply of mineral-related well additives including frac sand.

  • Land Issues

  • Product Sourcing

  • Well Abandonment


Many of our clients require help in determining the feasibility of alternative methods of product transport. We provide guidance in analyzing rail and water transport to help expand markets and create alternate competitive positions. We have assisted in water and rail transportation studies throughout North, Central, and South America.

  • Rail Transport

  • Water Transport

Industrial Minerals

Our Industrial Minerals projects have typically dealt with challenges relating to competitive analysis, mineral extraction issues, mineral valuation, and feasibility studies for commodities including frac sand, salt, trona, gypsum, uranium, talc, and garnet to name a few.

  • Frac Sand

  • Salt

  • Trona

  • Gypsum

  • Uranium

  • Talc

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Our clients include companies that provide products and services to Construction Materials and Aggregates producers including equipment manufacturers, service companies, legal advisors, and financial institutions. In addition, we provide technical support for ready-mix concrete and asphalt producers. 

  • Equipment Manufacturers

  • Service Companies

  • Legal Advisors

  • Financial Institutions

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