• Merger and Acquisition Assistance

    The Q4 MAG team has extensive experience managing the purchase, sale and Due Diligence of privately-held and public companies from both the buyer and seller perspective giving us the unique ability to facilitate win/win transactions.

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  • Accident Investigation & Expert Testimony

    When a legal issue arises requiring an expert in the mining and construction materials industries, Q4’s team of experts is unmatched in assisting legal counsel to achieve favorable results for its clients.

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  • Underground Mining

    Whether you are currently mining underground or are considering it, give us a call. There is not a more experienced team in evaluating, designing, developing, and operating underground limestone mines than Q4 MAG.

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  • Mineral Valuation

    There are plenty of mineral appraisers conducting mineral valuations. Though, there is only one place you can find a team of experienced valuation experts who have operated companies that extract the minerals generating the revenue which forms the basis for the value.

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  • Mine Safety Support & Services

    There is nothing more important to mining companies than miner safety. And Q4’s Management team is fully committed to this principle. Each of us who have operated mines, consulted for mining companies, and/or provided services to mining companies have established a reputation of “Safety Above All”.

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  • Permitting Strategy & Community Relations

    If you are experiencing problems, anticipating problems, or simply wish to ensure no problems arise, give us a call to discuss strategy. Q4 MAG is poised to counter any difficulty you may experience within your communities.

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  • Feasibility Studies

    Before any major project is undertaken, a certain amount of feasibility analysis must be done. Although there are several industry-recognized levels of feasibility studies based on the situation, many projects may just need a simple cost/benefit analysis.

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  • Mineral Resource Reports

    If your company is contemplating public listing, currently listed on a non-US exchange, and requires an update to the report mandated by your exchange, we can help. Our team can also assist if your company is listed on a US exchange or contemplating US listing.

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  • Transitional & Contract Management

    With nearly two centuries of collective management and engineering experience, the Q4 MAG team has managed just about every situation a mine operator could ever face in both surface and underground environments.

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